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    It's a lazy afternoon in a beach-side cabana and you're hanging out with a friend you met on the trip. The sun and the surf has gotten you relaxed and horny. She is feeling the same way (she actually had a crush on you since she met you a few days ago). You realize your cute friend is actually pretty hot and you decide to make a move and convince her to have some fun with you. You begin by playing with your fingers in her pussy and exploring her with your tongue, this excites her and it's not long before she takes you in her mouth. Next, you climb on top of her tiny body and push your cock in her tight pussy. This drives her wild and she rolls you over and straddles you with her skinny but strong legs (she used to be a gymnast). She rides you hard until she has an orgasm that leaves her breathless. Your turn, you flip her over and take her from behind, until finally you cum hard all over her perfect round ass.
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